The Busy Director

Most companies want additional business but suffer from the same problem - the lack of time or resources to find it.

Take Paul for instance. He's a director of a successful consultancy firm providing high value solutions to large corporates.

He's passionate about his business and loves solving client problems, but Paul admits that he and his team just don't have either the time or the skills to look for new sales opportunities.

office man picture
office man picture

Help Is At Hand

Many companies survive for years without needing to look for new clients. But eventually, all reach a point where some proactive sales effort is required.

But people like Paul often find they are too busy to focus on finding the best opportunities, or simply don't know where to start.

Problem Solvers

At Progressive Telemarketing, we generate a regular flow of qualified sales leads and appointments for national & international companies.

Just imagine having someone who will understand your business, be part of your team and get you in front of potential new clients.


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